MAJOR Bitcoin BREAKOUT In 8 Days…. bitcoin

MAJOR Bitcoin BREAKOUT In 8 Days…. #ekonomi bitcoin

#kriptopara #altın

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8 Days from now is Valentines day, and on that day the new U.S. CPI Data will be dropping, and hopefully CPI will be dropping substantially. When this CPI data drops, what will Bitcoin do? Let’s go ahead and DIVE right on into it!

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  1. I would enjoy some afternoon deep dive videos 👍

  2. Hillbilly_Hipster

    You seriously still think this thing came from bats? Wow.

  3. Would deffo love multiple bite sized videos throughout the day. You could focus on the MAJOR Macro events and Major TA with BTC and a very select few alcoin projects during the live stream. You Rock CT Jebbb.


    *2:17:16** Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how many hours and passion he placed on these vids!?*
    *It is unbelievable, and I think they deserve much more than that*

  5. I no longer have time to watch an hour of droning just waiting for some TA.

  6. This channel is HOME of the INCEL Meet-Up and Spam Bot Convention!!!

  7. What is the best way to make money from Crypto currency trading?

  8. Please do your research on the realities of the US military readiness vs. Russia’s. The US military has been tremendously weakened through the current administration’s policies. You need fuel to power a war. The US has vastly depleted fuel reserves, particularly diesel, which is very important for military vehicles. Many of the competent military leaders have been replaced with politically aligned (woke) leaders. Training has been more focused on political hot buttons like gender pronouns instead of military readiness. Russia has intercontinental ballistic missiles and the US does not. Trump viewed China as a threat and incentivized the repatriation of businesses. The Biden admin has incentivized the expatriation of businesses. The West has illegally promulgated the war in Europe, mostly for corrupt, money laundering purposes in Ukraine.

  9. Right now, the wisest thing for everyone to do is to invest in non-government sources of income. Especially given the current global economic crisis. This is still a fantastic time to invest in stocks and digital currencies.

  10. Queen 👸🏽


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  12. Just checked the article on Amazons AWZ800X. It’s definitely happening right now and I’d want my part of this cake, who is dining with me tonight?

  13. Selam Ben Azra

    When stocks and common assets decrease 70-90% Amazons AWZ800X is actually the counter to that. Hope you guys knew that already, if not you do now

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  15. What a crazy time, we had all this bad stuff going around and now Amazons AWZ800X finally shows what happens when you do something smart with your life. Sounds crazy I know but this is actually the first time I was really, really happy since the whole covid thing started


    I usually lurk and never write but why wouldn’t you be excited over Amazons AM2023?

  17. Needless to say Amazons AWZ800X is the best thing this year. Yes I don’t care if this is related to the video as long as I can help someone for real

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  19. muhammed salman

    I skipped the New Year’s celebration but celebrating Amazons AWZ800X now! What a time to be alive guys, seriously

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  22. I wanna let you know that Amazons AWZ800X made it this year. What better way to start a global change? Don’t get me wrong I know they are not like altruists or something but they keep doing the right thing to improve the situation, power the ecomonmy and so much more. We need players like them and we can always jump in the train at good spots such as this one

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  24. If you are into it or not does not matter, Amazons AWZ800X is the right thing for this world now

  25. When stocks and common assets decrease 70-90% Amazons AWZ800X is actually the counter to that. Hope you guys knew that already, if not you do now

  26. engüçlüekip başkanı

    It took forever but now that we got rid of bad actors, SBF, FTX. Now Amazons AWZ800X is the right step! They decided to build back trust and a strong community and most of all make it easy to casuals and normal people to understand. This one has real value, real vision and it’s already implementing most of these things just fine. While ago everyone claimed we are dead, well guess what. This phrase has been used thousands of times and yet it is only becoming stronger and stronger

  27. Most of us missed the golden times of BTC,ETH,XRP and so on but that’s no reason to miss Amazons AWZ800X while that is still in the earliest phase of where you can get it. Make up your decision this will be the one time where you have the chance to do so

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