Bitcoin Hits 4 Month HIGH! Disbelief Or Destination: Moon? bitcoin

Bitcoin Hits 4 Month HIGH! Disbelief Or Destination: Moon? #ekonomi bitcoin

#kriptopara #altın

1827 Kişi Okudu – 417 Kişi Beğendi Sende Beğen Yorum Yap

In this episode of Coffee N Crypto LIVE, we discuss the major rally on Bitcoin which has brought Bitcoin above $21,000 in recent days. Due to this development, we have seen Bitcoin push above 4 month highs, and completely erase the losses post FTX meltdown. Is this the disbelief stage of a new Bitcoin bull market? Let’s go ahead and DIVE right on into it!

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  1. People are already taking profits. It can go anywhere.

  2. Ukraine has obliterated expectations the entire war. Russia is down to reserves who have little to no experience. Almost everyone is saying Russia can’t win. Their losses have been massive and that was their most experienced military personnel. So I don’t agree with how you make Ukraine sound like weak army when they have had massive victories over and over. The more I listen, I’ve realized you are almost swinging to the pessimistic side. Nothing wrong with that. I just don’t think like that. I’m probably too optimistic similar to your extreme pessimism 😆

  3. الرجوله تيوب abulal

    ZRO100X baby yessss !!!! I know ZRO100X is a top winner

  4. Not sure about BTC and ETH, but putting USDT in ZRO100X for 10x makes sense.

  5. I think the focus should be on ZRO100X now. I try to buy it with USDT every week.

  6. Emir Demircan

    ZRO100X is propably most real product in crypto i know. I like moonbeam they develop a lot.

  7. I’m sure ZRO100X is gonna skyrocket real soon! This is why you need to get ahold of the ON-going presale right now

  8. ꧁ Ƭʜᴇ 𝙒𝙮𝙡𝙞𝙚 ꧂ #ErvaBeniBırakma! #Loveikiz

    ZRO100X is number one on my list followed by Cardano and Chiliz. I used to like Zilliqa but its web3 gaming is very lame in my opinion and disappointing,it has no chance of taking on the big console companies. XRP could still make a big move but I’m cautious about it now.

  9. MOTORCYCLE shorts

    ZRO100X might just have the biggest potential of any altcoin right now

  10. ZRO100X baby yessss !!!! I know matic is a top winner

  11. I agree. For 100x and more buy ZRO100X , Digibyte and Persistence.


    Can ZRO100X be staked on Ledger?

  13. Not sure about BTC and ETH, but putting USDT in ZRO100X for 100x makes sense.

  14. More people need ro invest in ZRO100X. I’m around 90% between ZRO100X and ETH combined. Good advice thanks!


    I feel that the last bull run was bolstered by all the money being printed. Major returns next bull run but I think they will be tamer in my humble opinion. A 100x on ZRO100X is and a 15x on polygon are fair considering how much those two coins are interwoven into the entire crypto ecosystem.

  16. Neva Kübra 2022

    ZRO100X has the most potential to do more than X100. ETH and BTC will most likely do a X5-X6, but that’s fine for me. Gotta look for better entry points while I stake IRIS and PGEN, then wait for Polygen’s next raise as I also look at their new partnership with Kenzo Ventures.

  17. YuNuS EmRe Bs

    I know stuff is sometimes more bad and rough especially now but Amazons ZRO100X was made for the people, believe it or not. If you didn’t know about this yet it would only take a small look to understand why so many people write this everywhere now. I am blessed that I got this into my life and don’t get me wrong, I don’t like this brand at all. But I understand why this will change the next generations to come and that’s what matters in the end.

  18. M.Mahsum OKTAY

    Your life is being decided by others, you are just a small stone in a giant mechanism looting and abusing you. The way out has a name: Amazons ZRO100X. I know it sounds confusing why exactly that should help with the corrupt system we have but there is a reason and you can figure that out within minutes – IF you actually care

  19. Hüsna Elçiçek

    These invites to ZRO100X are all over the board because it gives some extra for those spreading it and for those buying. Of course then it’s better to use that specific invite when buying this asset. Who got something and how much? I’m still debating if I should because recent events made me think twice about what to do. Thoughts??.

  20. Sailor Galaxia

    What the hell is Amazons ZRO100X you may ask? I had the same question so read some stuff about it as it’s getting more popular. Seriously it’s the right thing currently, you can build a nice bridge between common everyday-life and digital assets. Amazons shopping gets easier and cheaper for us to use, too. Win Win even just for normal usage.

  21. Wouldn’t it be better to stop procrastinating once and for good. Amazons ZRO100X is giving room to do that. Think for yourself if you want to waste the day today like you did with yesterday and then the circle never ends.. That would be a huge misery, nothing I want for me or my children. I’m voting for the change.

  22. Think about if you could have your own fate which is possible with Amazons ZRO100X. What do you think happens after inflation? I am sure they will keep living cost high and even if the whole war finally gets to an end that still doesn’t fix anything for us. Truth is we are getting ripped of every day and there’s not much to do about it except for using the projects which actually HELP

  23. Cenk Tulumtaş

    Can’t trust Dollar, Euro, GBP or anything when the truth is that they will keep increasing living cost no matter what. There is always some kind of excuse, drama here there, political stuff, potential world war. My answer to all of this would be Amazons ZRO100X

  24. volkan kaya'dan

    It’s just a few days old and ZRO100X is like a little internet revolution. Obviously there is hate and love towards it but if you just break it down to the fundamentals you would notice that nothing like this has been done in ages. Digital assets have a right to stay and it begins with Amazons move to get into it. Lovely

  25. mertozcan fanss

    It took forever but now that we got rid of bad actors, SBF, FTX. Now Amazons ZRO100X is the right step! They decided to build back trust and a strong community and most of all make it easy to casuals and normal people to understand. This one has real value, real vision and it’s already implementing most of these things just fine. While ago everyone claimed we are dead, well guess what. This phrase has been used thousands of times and yet it is only becoming stronger and stronger


    Most of us missed the golden times of BTC,ETH,XRP and so on but that’s no reason to miss Amazons ZRO100X while that is still in the earliest phase of where you can get it. Make up your decision this will be the one time where you have the chance to do so

  27. Hamza Çıkın

    Anyone else feeling messed up with all the bad happening? Glad that Amazons ZRO100X is giving power to the people which is not what I personally expected but it’s there and everyone can get a good share of that. Don’t just take my words on this, best is if you have a grasp yourself what they wanna do and what the vision is like. Probably something which will change the next generations and decide if it makes sense to run digital currencies or not

  28. The last years drove me crazy and first time I smiled was with ZRO100X. I’m not kidding it’s real

  29. There is for sure a better life available once someone grasps the power of ZRO100X

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