Bitcoin Pressure Cooker Just BURST – Here’s What You Need To Know bitcoin

Bitcoin Pressure Cooker Just BURST – Here’s What You Need To Know #ekonomi bitcoin

#kriptopara #altın

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Weekly Chart
0:58 Bullish Divergence
1:25 Stochastic RSI
1:34 Pressure Cooker
2:45 Stochastic RSI Cross
3:05 48k
4:26 Pivot High
7:30 A year later
7:44 MACD Cross
8:50 Total Market Cap
9:05 753 Billion
10:50 20 Level
11:49 Start of the Bull Run

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Bitcoin Pressure Cooker Just BURST – Here’s What You Need To Know


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  1. Steve, I consider you to be the absolute best crypto analyst around and your integrity is unquestioned. Keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing as long as it continues to feel right.

  2. Md. Hanif Bhuiyan

    Steve, honestly I have been listening and following you for long time and love every bit of your content because of your principles and ethics. You have changed many lives because of your honesty. Please follow your heart not the pocket as you said. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

  3. Please do is best for your business and it helps you and your employees

  4. Definitely do what’s gonna be best for you and your business man

  5. Great content Steve, your pressure cooker analysis was absolutely bang on the money!
    Lots of salty people out there atm about this recent pump!

  6. Great job

  7. I sent you an email Steve!

    Question one: don’t do it
    Question two: advertise your courses as much as you can!

  8. Steve I will still value your analysis even if you do paid ads as long as it doesn’t interfere. You have to look after your family and team.


  10. Legendary Quotes

    yes u can steve we love u and we love ur honesty and u have the right to make money and keep giving us these free imp signals plzzz dont stop that

  11. Remain honest and genuine. Follow your heart. That’s why we like you and follow your channel.

  12. Most of us get this content for free, and it’s life changing. If you are sponsored, and you believe in the partnership of the sponsor, and they align culturally, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t/shouldn’t. Thank you for your ongoing hard work for your community.

  13. Nothing against properly discloset sponsorships, but if you have the power to mint millionaires, why would you need sponsors then?

  14. I would say that if it helps with paying your employees better and maybe make the trainings more effortable than please do so. But just promote stuff that you think it make sense to do.

  15. wanjohi ndiritu

    Honest is everything.
    Your course are skill transfer. Market your course

  16. You have given too much to this community already, get the money!!!!!

  17. Do whatever is right for you family

  18. Yea no, I have to unsubscribe. I thought you had some okay input at one point, but you’re an opportunistic liar, probably sociopath. Last video i’ve seen of you where you blabber on and on about selling your nonsense

  19. Yassine Chaieb

    Do you what your heart is telling you !

  20. Don’t take the promotional money Steve. Money isn’t everything. That’s my advice

  21. Do ads for crypto..and wallets trading platforms

  22. Yes you should take paid ads if you believe in the product and it will help. The courses you made so mention them when you want. I have the courses and indicators. They help.

  23. If the influx of money will help your organizational goals, why shouldn’t you do it? The additional money can be used to improve your courses, extend price reductions and get more attention. or so many other things you want. So it comes down to what you want. The things I have enjoyed are the focus and consistency of your approach to trading crypto.

  24. phillip toussaint

    Steve is the best

  25. go for it

  26. katarzyna grygo

    I don’t see any problem if you want to earn money from YT etc.. if there is an opportunity. As long as it is in integrity with your heart. Good luck!

  27. Maxime Hamelin

    Keep integrity ! And promote your own product !

  28. Avneesh Kumar

    Nothing wrong in it … Definitely, you should do sponsored videos ads. But the product or services should be genuine and top in quality parameters, which increase trust of your audience.

  29. If your going to dip your toe into paid advertising, I would start with ones you truly believe in and use. Nothing wrong if the advertiser is congruent with your beliefs and courses.

  30. Andrew Sukonchenko

    I think you should do whatever works for you, no one will judge you

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