“I’m Skeptical Of This Bitcoin Rally” | Gareth Soloway bitcoin

“I’m Skeptical Of This Bitcoin Rally” | Gareth Soloway #ekonomi bitcoin

#kriptopara #altın

2071 Kişi Okudu – 223 Kişi Beğendi Sende Beğen Yorum Yap

Bitcoin is trading above the $20,000 level for the first time since November of 2021, as it trades for $20,737.15, up 22% in the past week. The sudden surge in Bitcoin has many enthusiasts bullish, as Bitcoin traded sideways for months after the FTX collapse and year-end selling for tax purposes. Despite the bullish sentiment, trader Gareth Soloway is skeptical about the push and is convinced this is just a bear market rally. Gareth has been predicting bitcoin to drop to $9k but has said during his prediction, that a rally will occur before the ultimate bottom around June. The rally above $20,000 is happening in an environment where not much has changed, as the Fed seems to be coming to the end of its hiking cycle and quantitative easing doesn’t seem to be happening which leaves Gareth to be skeptical. However, there is a level to which if Bitcoin can consolidate, Gareth believes will be an important milestone for Bitcoin, both technically and psychologically.

Gareth Soloway is renowned for his macroeconomic analysis, technical chart analysis, and trade signal alerts. He has created proprietary indicators like the Confirmation Signal, River Theory, Three Tail Theory, cycle analysis and a sentiment indicator that is game-changing.
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  1. What if asset values are depreciating in one category but crypto does appreciate that is still an offset of 0 or neutral 😐

  2. Tommy Freudenthal

    This guy changes his mind every 5 minutes! 🤡

  3. alot of whales sold on this pump. whales knows a pullback will happen

  4. .BTC operates on the “Greater Fools Theory”. Ponzi is laughing. Note: The FED counterfeits and bureaucrats spend those bogus dollars for profit and support, the dollar is devalued by design. If you believe the government will long tolerate any attempt to sidestep its for-profit fiat monopoly currency game you are going to be very disappointed. BTC began when a guy traded (2) pizzas for an entry on a ledger. BTC has No PE or book value and pays no dividends. BTC operates on the “Greater Fool Theory”.  The only way for BTC to survive is to find a fresh source of fools. Chuckle But what do I know?

  5. There is no asset like BTC, so you cannot compare it with good old stocks !!!!

  6. Lolololol

  7. Nobody cares for your opinions anymore buddy

  8. De💀d cat bounce. No doubt a bull trap. Stay safe.

  9. Funny thing is they said that this bull market will catch everyone off guard… also bitcoin will not see 9k.. Gareth wants to be right… but paul at the crypto factor told him the bottom is in, they made a bet gareth lost… not saying we going to all time high but

  10. When is he not right?

  11. Crypto is BS. It’s a Freemason Jesuit game. All their buddies got in to get rich at the right time to suck your money then crash it to take what you have. These guys pretend to be your friends but are in a secret group that enjoys messing with people and destroying them if they target you. NH is a Freemason Jesuit den. Get rid of everyone from Maine and nh, and they’ll be 1000’s of years of peace. All your worse criminals and leaders live and hide there. Why they caught gisellaine maxwell there. All the pedos live there

  12. Persona Non Grata

    Personally I think that whatever I think it’s usually the opposite.

  13. I have alot of faith in Gareth. If he’s calling for another fall to around 10k in the coming months that’ll make such a huge impact with his already incredible accuracy and credibility.

  14. Jonathan Briggs

    hang on. didn’t he say he was wrong yesterday?

  15. Wrong, it is not above 20k for first time since Nov 2021. You meant for first time since 2022 meaning we are only back where we were 2 months ago. Peoples timeline’s are so backwards these days they feel like it was at 16k for 6+ months when really it was only 2.

  16. Lol bitcon is for the sheep to follow.

  17. Felix Anderson

    Hahaha okay keep on being skeptical we bought Btc xrp, Ethereum, Litecoin ⚡

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