Bitcoin Outlook For 2023 bitcoin

Bitcoin Outlook For 2023 #ekonomi bitcoin

#kriptopara #altın

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As recession looms, the Fed tightens, and the world is in chaos, where does bitcoin stand as we enter 2023?

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  1. Bang bang … ok, but I do agree with him

  2. Michael holt

    Bang bang remember to store all your tokens on blocki and get an unprecedented return on your investment – pomp 2022

  3. Pomp can you please just start talking normally in your videos instead of this robotic weird speech pattern you do?

  4. Pomp, I think you should just shut down the channel and move on. You’ve probably done enough damage, don’t you think?

  5. You did some harm to bitcoin. You went off track by following the crypto guys. I don’t know if this is your nature to be greedy or you made a genuine mistake.

    Either way, you have some damage to repair before I’ll listen to you again from here. The first sign of any crypto talk and you’re done forever in this world

  6. The greed washed out from this guy’s eyes. That’s good and that’s Bitcoin LFG!!

  7. Pomp for Prez!!!

  8. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track…📈…👀

    Last ‘round of halvings’ signaled the beginnings of the 2019 – 2021 price surge!

  9. In 2022 you were wrong 98% of the time about Bitcoin and because of you a lot of your followers lost a lot of money.

  10. Khurram Piracha

    Please don’t compare the history for future. It is the dumbest thing we can do for our money.
    No one know what to expect because you and I don’t control anything.
    It is all probability and in Crypto world it is pure gambling due to no regulation. NEED REGULATIONS BUDDY.

  11. Grayscale will be next to fall.
    Bye bye GBTC

  12. I watch Anthony and take his advice because I don’t like being rich and actively want to lose my money in the most stupid way possible. If you too want to be poor and to burn your wealth in a retarded way follow Anthony’s advise. Lose $100k of your life savings but make back $3,000 in tax write offs. Now that’s big smooth brain thinking.

  13. DCA 4 LIFE.

  14. Enrique Christine

    Really amazing explaination. Bitcoin price has day traders eyeing close as the sludging market may finally see an influx of volatility. Key levels have been defined to gauge BTC’s next potential move. Investing is good but investing without proper guidance from a well-known pro is bad. The amount of time we spend believing we can’t is more than enough time to learn how we can. Crypto trading investment remains to be the only means to be financially stable but only with the right approach. I do suggest trading with the help of professionals for now. Thomas Fuller is set to be different and unique as i have made about 14.5BTC already from day trading with an initial 5.7 BTC by following the step by step he put in place for me to follow and copying his daily trade signal to my trades..

  15. ath of 69K… “Nice” XD

  16. Travis Jolly

    This is in response to another one of your other videos. The one about your sponsors. Thank you. Thank you for your integrity.

  17. Bitcoin will be Pump, Pomp!

  18. Golfer Dude 323

    Let’s stop like we know where it’s going, it’s literally a gamble.

  19. How the Overton Window moves.

  20. Я новичок в трейдинге. Как я могу сделать более прибыльные инвестиции в криптовалюту, не неся больших убытков?

  21. Paul Dominguez

    The proper mentor in the world of crypto is required to avoid loss, during the pandemic, i lost most of my coins tradlng without a guide until i came across a video on YT praising Mr. Sheldon as one of the best TA, i reached him and he introduced me to his strategy and provided me with the right signals, which has help me grow my portfolio and with 1BTC i made 4BTC in just 3month

  22. Bretton Woods vs BTC

    OMG so much FUD right now. Africa adoption due and Blackrock pushing proce down to control market. We the normal people see the fiat scam so buy and hold and hold. BTC is fastest horse

  23. Bacren Property & Fencing

    9-10K here we come………..too many unknowns at the moment, don’t trust any of the big exchanges, SEC, FED, Gov, “influencers”………….2023 going to be a bad year for sure. Hold cash, watch the fireworks and then get in at low low prices, then self custody and wait………..

  24. Throwback Chevy

    No more shitcoining!

  25. He shilled that shit at the top and sold to new holders.
    Remember laser eyes, diamond hands and other shitty memes.
    I bet none of those bitcoiners/influencers have any BTC left. They sold on time 🤣

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