Jim Cramer Issues Warning To Bitcoin and Crypto Investors bitcoin

Jim Cramer Issues Warning To Bitcoin and Crypto Investors #ekonomi bitcoin

#kriptopara #altın

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Today let’s talk about why the US market is opening red. Also lets take a look at Jim Cramers warning to all Crypto investors and about Binance. Lastly some Bitcoin metrics.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Market Overview
1:00 Payroll Growth
2:15 BBY Plummets
3:05 Cramers Warning
6:00 Cramers FOMO
8:10 Government Witness
11:00 Silvergate Losses
12:15 Presidential Recognition
15:10 Bitcoin Trajectory
15:45 Market Overview
16:30 Q&A

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  1. George please chill swallowing that water is mad annoying

  2. Takingcareofbusiness

    With the jobs reports, a lot people find second jobs during the holidays and there is a lot of seasonal jobs that open up during december but end in Janurary.

  3. Mitchell James


  4. Bobby Dellamano

    Government wintness = immunity.

  5. Blitz Motor Scooters

    If you attempt to Trade, you basically have a 15% chance or less, of coming out with a better allotment or breakeven. We all like to think we’re that 15%. But time has proven, its just better to wait for what seems to be a decent entry, then HODL and DCA longterm. Dont get gypped by these whales and exchanges yall. If you like your crypto, buy it and send to a wallet you alone control. Happy New Year

  6. The Crypto Hodlers

    If you do the opposite of Jim Cramer you will always do well!

  7. something witty

    Ultimate buy signal?

  8. Something with job numbers doesn’t sound right. How can employment go up when there is low economic growth. Sounds fishy.

  9. Crypto Seven

    Why would we worry about what Jim Cramer says?? He made a lot of money in the last bull market, do you think he’s going to be out of crypto for long??

  10. coolhandlukedubble99

    Invers Cramer Gorge should dabble DCA $200 a week 😎

  11. BTC will climb again, but it’s not anytime soon. Plenty more down then sideways coming this year. If you do wish to buy then please trade responsibly (stoploss, not going all-in etc)

  12. Cramer is a puppet! Period..

  13. Dennis Orbison

    @4:12 I think he is trying do a play with words with chernobyl indicating it’s going to be disastrous

  14. Spanish John

    weve all lost all our money already! lol

  15. These jack asses don’t understand that the Russian war is a major driver of inflation. The war and conflict will have to resolve for inflation to come back down.

    Cheap gas and fertilizers will do miracles to bring inflation down

  16. Matt Heldman

    I had to triple my weekly dca due to the Jim Cramer effect lol

  17. Gary Schwartz

    Lets be clear here georgie boy, amazon closing it’s doors is in fact good news, private pay roll increasing on the other hand is incredibly good.

  18. Gates. AntiChrst

    I just wish BTC would fall to $13K so I can buy & Hodl.
    I’m tired of waiting & just want to buy BTC & forget about it for a few yrs.

  19. Mikhel Brown

    Jim Cramer shd rather worry about his health that us Hodlers. He shd stay where he belongs, inside the Wall Street cesspool. 💯

  20. lspeeddemonl

    Stable coins are useless. Why not just hold usd if it never changes in value to the dollar?

  21. Mareks Niknais

    Huobi is under pressure. Tokens are falling.

  22. In minute 23:35 george admits that eth, cosmos and all crypto without a set supply are Ponzi’s, they need more people to come in and buy to make their value go up, this is why george is full of shit likw the rest of his youtuber frens 🤦

  23. Jim’s Cramer is trying to work with the fed to get rid of crypto cause it works against their inflation failing design

  24. I am curious how Binance US has that kinda money. They’re platform was raking in transactions basically like ftx. I kinda agree if binance US is getting money from Binance I wouldn’t let them take it either

  25. Who cares what Cramer thinks

  26. Gregg Paige Turner

    Jim is being paid to FUD crypto.

  27. Nicholas Nelson

    The bulls knows everyone thinks this halving is going to be the bull run so they are gonna do the opposite and wreck all of you. The bull run won’t happen until 2025

  28. If the US Government tries to band Crypto they will only cripple the American people in the future. While growth in other countries will surpass the US.

    The greed of a small amount of people/politicians can cripple America forever.

  29. GEORGE!!!!! Do you think the bottom is in?

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