Bitcoin Just Flashed The Most Bullish Signal In Years – WILL IT LAST bitcoin

Bitcoin Just Flashed The Most Bullish Signal In Years – WILL IT LAST #ekonomi bitcoin

#kriptopara #altın

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0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Holiday Sale
1:11 – Major Developments
1:28 – MACD Cross
2:48 – Backtrack to fully understand
3:22 – When It Came In
4:13 – 2015
5:23 – 2015
6:14 – Covid Crash
7:12 – Wrench in the MACD Cross
8:17 – The Bottom
10:45 – Recent Developments

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Bitcoin Just Flashed The Most Bullish Signal In Years – WILL IT LAST


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  1. Good job Steve. Thank you for your dedication to all of the viewers and those that are TA illiterate

  2. We need to stop trying to call this thing over or not over and just see what happens and stop trying to sell courses every single video

  3. BigcryptoProject

    Hello sir I need to buy but price is too high
    Please give free to the comments people thanks

  4. Wow I’ve never seen Steve looking so hairy

  5. Nice Vid !

  6. I don’t see how you can discount the macro, these are literally the worst macro conditions since btc’s inception. Also the manipulation of crypto is only increasing

  7. Best utility so far in whole crypto space

  8. I bought december 2018 crypto bottom and I bought december 2022 lows, a lot of that is thanks to you Steve. Have a nice christmas and enjoy the ride until the next bull season.

  9. Jeroen van den Berg

    What i notice this MacD cross is happening on a much lower level compared to the other MacD crosses. Does that mean the bullrun will be more explosive then other bullruns? Or does it not mean anything at all?

  10. Ovidiu Cristian Mărginean

    What you can say about macd cross on 3 months chart?..

  11. Been bullish since the bottom at 17 that turned into a double bottom?

  12. Daley Tomlinson

    You said this a few weeks ago then the next day the price dropped hard and carried on since. You can never get it wrong because every other day you pick a different long term projection

  13. Steve you said the bottom is in then you said we may go to 14k 🤦

  14. Thanks!

  15. GotoyourhomeBall

    I like the optimism

  16. sean kuykendall

    The god of this world has blinded your eyes. We throw the word “hell” around so loosely, not understanding that hell is a very real place that many people go to daily. Let Heaven take your focus. Let Christ be your leader in all things. Hell is a very real place

  17. I hear you Steve. The MACD shows everything. I think we crash in March, though, bud. Regulation.. Always crash first quarter

  18. My emotional trading let me a begger
    My arrogance let me avoid your warning signs
    Now My Bal 0 while crypto at bottom

  19. The most excited video you post for long long time !

  20. Matthew J Collins

    When you say “we might turn the corner at the end of 2023”, can you be more specific? Thanks!

  21. I don’t fully agree with saying that charts don’t lie, because TA always has a thing of “false signals”. Just look at SP500 and what’s already been going on with BTC last 2 days. SP500 goes down, so does bitcoin.

  22. I want to watch ccu again you can bet we are about to bull.

  23. Great job Steve as always 👏

  24. Thank you 🙏🏻

  25. In 2019 stocks were already down, bitcoin is in relation to SP500, so stocks going down means bitcoin going down. MACD is not enough. Statistically 3 situations is not enough to judge

  26. The students are probably waiting to buy triple bottom

  27. x in YEARS

  28. What happenening the movie will end and exit only same small door.

  29. Daniel De Woeste

    im in crypto from 2011 your one of the best ,no emotical no dramma just clear road

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